The JuiceBerry Story

Hello there, thank you for dropping by! So, here’s where you’ll find the nitty-gritties of Juice Berry. Let’s unpack this a bit, shall we?

JuiceBerry evolved as a consequence of sheer fascination on ‘Burrito Blankets’. Heard anything crazier? We’re sure not! Designed to look like a tortilla (read Rumali Roti), these blankets initially appeared on Big Cartel by Zen Life who retailed it at Rs999 and were sold-out in no time. Long story short, we’re mostly busy building the base to help wrap humans into burritos and it doesn’t just stop there. The all-things-quirky list is endless and shall be unveiled one at a time on our platform.

On a more serious note, Juice Berry is the Forbidden Fruit of Fashion, an Indian online marketplace. Why the name ‘Juice Berry’ you may ask? Well, that’s the kind of niche we hold in this juicy business, if you know, you know – we’re always on a ‘quirky-high’! An integral part of our daily tasks include empowering artisans and their splendid creations.

At JuiceBerry, we assure a product for every mood, every liking and every space. Add to it the comfort and idiosyncratic factors that instantly jazz up your lounge space, workspace and the likes. Our team sincerely hopes that our collection will amuse you and bring a dash of cheer in the ever-so-mundane everyday life!

Whether you are looking to add a uniquely irrational perspective to your living room or you are on the hunt for a crazy gift for a dear friend, we’ve got you covered! Each one of you is uniquely different and Juice Berry celebrates that by offering you ingeniously hip and sometimes cheeky options. We’d like to believe that all of our new arrivals are uber exciting (can’t stop bragging) and that’d keep you hooked to our space. See you around!

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