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Attention Creative Folks!

Are you tired of struggling to get your unique, unusual merchandise in front of the right audience? Do you want to showcase your unconventional creations to an audience who appreciates the weird and the wonderful?

Welcome to JuiceBerry, the online hub for all things unusual and offbeat.

JuiceBerry is a place for people who are drawn to lifestyle products that are unusually creative and quirky, and reflect their individuality. They’re also the ones that value originality and creativity above all else.

That said, it takes more than creative expressions to serve such a niche audience. That’s why JuiceBerry offers a platform for creative businesses and individual creators—artists, designers, and craftspeople—to showcase their unique creations for patrons to discover and purchase.

Our Difference: Offbeat vs. Ordinary

“Unusual lifestyle products for unconventional folks”

is what we’re committed to.

Unusually Creative

Designed by Creatives
around the World

No Boring

Positive Vibes

Our Belief

We believe that by encouraging creators to push the boundaries of conventional art and design, we can foster extraordinary creativity that positively impacts lives.

The women behind Juiceberry
is driven by creativity.

Ranjani is the Creative Director of Juiceberry. She is also the Product Visionary who believes that we can impact lives through art and design.

With a passion for creative expression, her mission is to bring positivity into homes through thoughtfully crafted lifestyle products.

Juiceberry is a realization of this mission that offers a platform for artists and designers around the world to express their creativity. These artistic expressions are captured in lifestyle products that would make people’s lives more interesting.

Building a global community of
creatives who dare to be different

Appreciating creativity is the essence of JuiceBerry. It is for
this reason we serve as a bridge between creatives and

JuiceBerry offers maximum exposure and reach for small
creative businesses
including artists and designers, allowing
them to connect with a global community of patrons who
appreciate the unusual and offbeat.

2 Ways You can Partner With Juiceberry

Join us today and sell your extraordinary creations to a global
community of shoppers who embrace unconventional lifestyle

Design & Sell Artwork to

We buy unique and exciting artwork from artists and
designers around the world at a one-time purchase
per artwork.

Design & Sell Your Own
Merchandise via Juiceberry

You can also sell your own merchandise through Juiceberry. Register, onboard, and get paid for every sale that happens on Juiceberry.